Massage Experiences

Swedish and Deep Tissue

Swedish massage will bring you in to total bliss. Enjoy broad, gliding, soothing strokes over the entire body. Therapeutic, light oil or creme will be used leaving you with healthy, vibrant skin.

Deep Tissue massage will gently release tension starting superficially then slowly sinking deep within the muscles. Practitioners will target a specific trouble area, all while allowing you to enjoy a moment of oasis.

*Maternity (Pre/Postnatal)

A series of sessions performed during pregnancy to alleviate tension or stress in the muscles and joints and prepare the body for delivery. Additional therapy after  pregnancy  helps you renew and restore the body. This is a specialty service, where practitioners are trained by Carole Osborne. The side-lying positioning system is used for various protocols.

*Additional fee

*Hot/Cold Stones

The therapeutic use of  heated or cooled Basalt stones to create deep relaxation, refreshing, and soothing of the muscles. Cool stones decrease inflammation and help with injuries. Warm stones increase circulation and deeply penetrate tense muscles.

*Additional fee

Energetic Healing

Prayer is an intentional tool that addresses stagnant energy and suppressed emotions in the body. Relax in a judgement-free, releasing experience. All religions, beliefs, and non-beliefs are welcome. 

Sports and Target

Sessions that target  specific areas using a combination of deep tissue, stretching, and stone therapy.


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