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In His Hands Massage Therapy

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Integrative Reflexology

We start with a cleansing that is treated as a sacred ceremony for grounding and prepares the body for balance. We believe that the intention set prior to the session and throughout is the most important part of the experience. A successful session concludes with positive affirmations and a balanced spirit, soul, body.

Custom Facial

Experience renewed skin with this customized facial. Includes a facial massage that enhances circulation and the health of the skin.

Spa Party Packages

Indulge in the experience with loved ones. Our packages are tailored to the special occasion and guests are able to choose services a'la carte. All parties include aromatherapy, lite fare, beverages, and a complimentary service for the host.


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In His Hands offers a customized wellness experience for all occasions: 

Birthdays, Corporate Gifting, Anniversaries, Weddings, Retirement, Teacher Appreciation, Baby Showers

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